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     As a life-long learner with over twelve years in the classroom, I love bringing inventive, standards-based learning to my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I am particularly passionate about curriculum instruction and enjoy integrating content across disciplines. 

     The art form of blending creative, innovative teaching strategies with differentiated instruction is crucial to releasing each student’s potential, especially with TN Ready Standards and College & Career Readiness.  I believe that if students construct their own learning experience, they are learning to make personal connections to the lessons while simultaneously developing self-confidence in their abilities.  

     Another valuable brick in the process to constructing learning is the opportunity for collaboration with peers in cooperative groups to enhance learning and social skills.  I feel it is imperative to foster students’ critical thinking skills through the integration of problem-based learning, art, literature, and technology. The mortar, however, to constructing a productive learning environment is effective classroom management.  An effective classroom management plan starts with building strong relationships with students and modeling clear procedures for the students that maximizes actual learning time.  

     Parent communication through Class Dojo is also an important tool to keep everyone informed as this technology allows parents to access to homework assignments, study guides, policies, and procedures.  

     Lastly, I feel a teacher must possess a great sense of humor, humility, and hope for the success of every student. I am excited and passionate about my students and will continue to strive to make a positive influence in their lives: academically, socially, and emotionally. I am happy to work together to create an amazing learning experience for your scholar.  I look forward to a wonderful school year together!


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