Dress Code

Spring Creek Elementary



DRESS CODE for 2023-2024


The major purpose of our school is to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. Although there may be a difference of opinion as to what constitutes appropriate dress, the final decision will rest with the Principal or designee. Dress code is subject to revision.


SHOES                            Socks and Tennis Shoes/Sneakers are to be worn at all times. These may be lace-up or

                                                       Velcro. No other types of shoes are acceptable. All students participate in Physical

                                                       Education P.E. Tennis Shoes/Sneakers are necessary for safety.


CAPS/HATS               No hats/caps, scarves or head coverings are allowed inside the building.

                                             Religion would be an exception.


PANTS                              Pants must be solid color, navy, tan (khaki) or black. No jeans. If pants have

                                             Belt loops, a belt must be worn. Pants must be hemmed. No pants with splits,

                                             tears or holes are allowed. Leggings are not to be worn as pants.


SHORTS/ SKIRTS    Shorts and skirts can be worn but must be navy, tan (khaki) or black, finger-tip

                                             or knee length. Shorts or leggings may be worn under skirts.


SHIRTS                            Golf or Polo style shirts are the only shirts allowed for students. These shirts

                                               must have a collar and buttons at the neck and must be size appropriate. A

                                               turtleneck or long-sleeve T-shirt may be worn under the golf/polo shirt.


                                  No writing or pictures are allowed on the shirts with the exception of a very                                                           small name brand emblem, no larger than quarter, on one side at chest level.


                                               All shirts must be long enough to be easily tucked and must stay tucked at

                                               all times. Spring Creek T-shirts will be permitted.


SWEATERS              Solid color button-up Cardigan, crew/V-neck sweaters may be worn for cold weather or air-conditioner comfort. Coats, Jackets, fleece, or wind-breakers may be worn school, but must be removed upon entering the classroom at the beginning of the day. Hoodies may not be worn while inside the building.


HAIR/MAKE-UP       Visible piercing must be confined to the ears only. No large hoops or dangles.

JEWELRY                 Hair must not disrupt the educational process in any way.

                                              Hair must not be distracting in color. No make-up.

                                              No visible body art, temporary tattoos, tattoos, or drawings are permitted.


The administration reserves the right to add to or delete from the above code in order to maintain a safe and orderly educational environment. In the event of heating or cooling problems, the administration reserves the right to alter the dress code.


*** The school will occasionally have “dress down” days, but that will be determined by administration. 

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