Library Book Swap

Library Book Swap
Posted on 03/29/2015

Start bringing in those "gently used" books!

The Book Swap is for you!

 Library Book Swap

Does your child have a pile of paperback books sitting in their room that they have already read? Do you wish you had the opportunity to exchange them for more reading materials?

How it Works
From April 6 to May 15 students may bring in any “gently used” books to the Library for donation to the Book Swap. They will be given a ticket with the number of books they donated. The total maximum number of books a student may bring in is 15.

From May 4 to May 20 students may come to the Library during Library class and select any “gently used” books of their choice based on the number of books they turned in. Students must bring their ticket with them that shows the number of books they donated.

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